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Take a Tiny Step Today

Here’s a quote I ran across this afternoon in the lung health group I belong to, where they were talking about outliving their predicted mortality and mentioned this strategy: Do something about it. “If it’s to be it’s up to me.”

Many times I find myself whining and complaining and then totally failing to take even one baby step to help myself. This makes all the whining and complaining for nothing, and irritates my friends and family to boot! Inertia is easy; it’s the status quo, business as usual. It’s when I decide to get off my duff and do something about my situation, however small the step, that magical things start to happen. The universe or God or my Higher Power sends things or people I need into my path, where it is then my responsibility to connect with them and or use them to move myself forward. Don’t let depression or inertia or despair hold you back any longer. Take that tiny step today! And make your universe a brighter space.–Weight_Loss_pdr_potentially_dangerous_strats.html

Has specifics on the dangers of diet pills I hadn’t heard of before. Required reading if you are trying anything other than food control and exercise to control your weight.

Don’t know what it is that got me on this squirrel kick, but here’s another one…Thanks Carla!


Kitty pleasant dreams- or nightmares???


Decisions my dogs make every day…


This reminds me of my old gal Lacey when she is nodding off to sleep…


Renate has a conversational style that will draw you in and let you sit down and soak up her warm-hearted philosophy like you have known her for years. Check her out!

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