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My prayers go out to this woman that the surgery is a success.

Welcome this new Stumbler who is off to a roaring start!

Christine’s pages are beautiful and inspirational- delve in and be refreshed!–Weight_Loss_pdr_potentially_dangerous_strats.html

Has specifics on the dangers of diet pills I hadn’t heard of before. Required reading if you are trying anything other than food control and exercise to control your weight.

Renate has a conversational style that will draw you in and let you sit down and soak up her warm-hearted philosophy like you have known her for years. Check her out!

Welcome to a brand new Texan Stumbler! Drop in and say “Howdy!”

Elka8s reviews – StumbleUpon

Luminous pages from a caring person. Stop in and soak up the good vibes!

Welcome to a relatively new Stumbler from Canada!

Very savvy and funny commentary on life today, with great images to boot!

Stop by for lovely nature and animal photographs and a bite of social commentary and humor from this relatively new Stumbler Gsrliz…