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Doggie Prayers Needed!

6/19/07 Update:
The vet retested Smokey’s liver values and the panel came back normal! Hurray! Lacey has lost a little weight and had to have her diet readjusted to make it more tempting to eat, but she is eating well the last few days.
Pet Food Ingredients Revealed!
3/22/07 Update:

Smokey is home! He was so happy to prance around the back yard and renew his scent everywhere! Lacey was happy to see him and gave him the once over then settled down.

It’s great to have them both back here. He’s still ill, make no mistake, but he’s on the way to healing now. He just started barking so I know he’s feeling better!
3/21/07 Update:

Smokey appears to have finally turned the corner and his enzyme levels are going down. He had some interest in eating this morning although the bland low-fat food wasn’t to his taste exactly but what the heck, it was food! He always was a one to love his tucker. Projected plan is to bring him home tomorrow provided he keeps this meal down OK. Hurray! A big “Thank You!” for all the prayers and well wishes. I believe it was that which turned him around and led him away from the Rainbow Bridge.
3/18/07 Update:

They force-fed Smokey today and so far he has kept it down. They described him as “lively” so perhaps he is feeling better. I’ll know more tomorrow when I talk directly to the vet. I am concerned that this illness might have been from the pet food scare in the news recently, although his illness is not the renal failure they are describing.
3/17/07 Update:

Smokey is negative for Lepto thank goodness but his numbers are worse this afternoon. I’m praying hard for him to pull through. I got to bring Lacey back home. The IV and antibiotics got her feeling much better and she actually ate her dinner! Now the house doesn’t feel so lonely. Just got to get my boy back home where he belongs. He tried so hard to get out of his cage to go with me and Lacey that it broke my heart to leave him there, but it’s for the best I know.

3/16/07 Update:

Both Lacey and Smokey are in the doggie hospital now on IV drips with antibiotics, apparently suffering from pancreatitis. We’ll know Monday if it’s Lepto, a virus from infected wildlife. Smokey is especially sick and fighting off liver failure. They are very sick puppies and I’m worried as all get out about them, wondering if there’s something I could have done to prevent this or catch it earlier.

1/5/07 Update:

A retest showed liver values OK except for cortisol levels which have increased another 100 points into the 800 range. This was not unexpected as it’s the Cushings showing itself. My vet will consult with an internist now that we have a few weeks of test values to go on. Our concern is that if we treat the Cushings, we may push the liver into failure. It’s hell trying to decide what to do.

My sable and white Sheltie who looks like a smaller version of Lassie, Lacey, could use your prayers right now. She was just diagnosed with a combination of Chronic Hepatitis and Cushing’s Disease. Please send healing energies her way.