Wow, look at those claws- ouch!

If you ever wondered what Shamanism is, here’s an excellent FAQ on it.

Shamanism FAQ General Overview

Four Year Old’s 911 Math Call Video

One of the loveliest animated e-cards around.

Jacquie Larson’s Black Cat

I know- let’s play “Name That Alien”, shall we? This site is the one to do it, just click on the little green head.

There’s a whole series of Cool Brain Tricks on this site you may enjoy. Test your skill on the one below- which monster is larger?

This has been around for awhile but it’s so darned adorable it’s worth putting up again for those who may have missed it:

Otters Holding Hands Video

While away a few minutes on the silliness of the Hollow Earth theory, including the idea that that’s where the Nazis escaped to. Click on the picture of course.

I hate it but I guess I have to give up my bottled water to save the planet. Convenience versus existence, who wins? Click on the picture for the article.

There’s a smart ass in every crowd…