Equal-opportunity hatred here

You have got to watch this cartoon video of Dead Eye Dick Cheyney (ROFLMAO doesn’t even begin to describe it), then check out some others by Pulitzer award-winning cartoonist Walt Handelsman.

I know these are probably all done by pranksters and art students, but I love them anyway, spiritual artistry in living matter. Check out more at the linked image.

Had to have this pup on my page, I *heart* dogs. I couldn’t sell him either! Click on him for the story.

I love the majestic beauty of these strutting males so much- peacocks rule!

I seem directed to dragonflys lately. Here’s more on their powerful medicine.

Change in Vaccine Protocol for Dogs and Cats

Important changes are coming up on Rabies vaccinations as well as others for our furry friends. Be sure and talk to your vet about these changes, as fewer vaccinations are better for the health of your animal.

Down with bio-engineered cwap!!! Buy organic, non-genetically modified and local when you can.

Thanks R-R/Alex!